CH Employment Law Expertise

At CH, we specialize in employment contracts tailored for physicians, executives, and business employers. Our dual expertise allows us to provide comprehensive legal solutions across various employment law issues.

Physicians: We negotiate terms including salary, benefits, and working hours while ensuring compliance with medical regulations. CH handles disputes, terminations, and advises on partnership agreements.

Executives: CH crafts competitive compensation packages encompassing salaries, bonuses, stock options, and severance plans. We establish performance metrics and plan for scenarios like golden parachutes.

Business Employers: We ensure fair and legally sound employment contracts, provide guidance on compliance with employment laws, and represent employers in disputes through grievance handling, arbitration, and litigation.

Key Issues Addressed: CH resolves contract disputes, ensures regulatory compliance, and balances non-compete enforcement with employee rights. We manage discrimination claims and focus on preventing workplace harassment.

Employee Support: We specialize in preventing and addressing workplace harassment and handling employee misconduct through thorough investigations and disciplinary actions.

Navigating Employment Law with CH: Our expertise helps clients navigate the complexities of employment law effectively, ensuring legal compliance and protecting their interests.

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