How We Work

Choose the right plan

Outside GC Package

As a business, your company faces decisions with long-term legal implications on a regular basis.  CH Counsel attorneys can ease the burden acting as your outside general counsel by identifying existing, potential and future operational issues and implementing practical solutions that meet your specific needs.   

Our quarterly retainer plan includes:

  • Unlimited routine e-mails
  • Unlimited routine phone calls
  • One hour of legal work per quarter; discounted hourly rate for all additional services
  • Onboarding legal diagnostic check

Entity Formation Package

Choosing an entity type has important legal and financial implications for your business.  Work with CH Counsel specialists to identify and create the right business entity for your needs.

Our entity formation package includes:


  • Onboarding phone call
  • Entity selection
  • Preparation and filing of entity formation documents
  • U.S. EIN
  • Registered Agent For Service of Process

Estate Plan Package

Whether you need to create an estate plan or update an existing plan, we are here to help.  The future is not certain; act now to control how your assets are taxed, managed and distributed when you’re gone.   

Our estate planning package includes:

  • Onboarding phone call
  • Will
  • Trust
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Advanced Health Care Directive

Witness Representation Package

As your business grows you may be served with a subpoena for witness testimony or document production for reasons outside your control.  Most businesses underestimate the significance of responding to a subpoena which can have criminal or civil consequences if not handled properly.  Allow us to employ our witness representation package to defend your business and reduce the risk of future litigation. 

Our witness representation package includes:

  • Strategy discussion
  • Analysis of subpoena/documents
  • Formulate objections and responses to document production requests
  • Pre-deposition consultation
  • Deposition representation
  • Post deposition debrief
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